Home Brew Mead the Modern Way


If you are of a mind to try home brewing your own booze then you would do well to start out by making mead. Mead is the easiest beverage to brew due to the yeast feed, honey, requiring no processing. What follows is a simple recipe for home brewed mead.


  • Honey – use 100g per 0.5 litres of spring water
  • Spring water
  • Dry brewer’s yeast for wine – 1 teaspoon per 3.5 litres of spring water or as directed by the labeling. Wine yeast


  • Sanitiser
  • A large pot
  • Glass carboy
  • Funnel
  • Filter
  • Airlock
  • Drilled Rubber Stopper
  • Metal or plastic stirrer or spoon
  • A length of tubing
  • Thermometer
  • Bottles and suitable stopper


Sanitise everything that will come into contact with the mix. The wrong kind of bacteria in the mix can spoil the whole batch.


Pour half of the water into the pot and heat to 75°C. Add the honey to the water and stir in until completely dissolved. Maintain the temperature for half hour. Remove from heat and add remaining water to cool it down before pouring through a funnel into the carboy. Shake or stir the carboy to aerate the mix and add the yeast. Stopper the carboy with the airlock.


The mix in your carboy is now ready for fermenting. Place the carboy into a cool, dark place and leave for at least two weeks but better at least a month. The longer the better. When bubbling slows to one per minute fermentation is substantially complete.


With fermentation complete it is time to bottle the brew. Transferring the newly brewed mead is the trickiest step. The easiest way is to tilt the carboy and pour into a filtered funnel in the bottle mouth but this is not recommended as it will oxygenate the mead affecting the flavour.

Siphoning is the preferred method. Siphoning is easiest with an auto-siphon but can be done with just the tube on its own. The higher the carboy is relative to the bottles the faster and easier the flow will be.

Tube Only Siphoning

Here follows a siphoning method using only a tube. Place the carboy on a high surface and the bottles on the floor. Alongside the bottles have a bucket. Pour some sanitised water into one end of your tube through a funnel and allow to flow through part way before clamping or squeezing the tube ahead of the flow. Insert the higher end of the tube into the carboy and the lower end into the bucket and release the clamp or squeeze. The water will flow out of the tube into bucket pulling a vacuum behind it which will start the mead flowing into the tube. Once the water has exited the tube into the bucket reclamp the tube and put the lower end into the bottles. Release and close the tube to control the flow of mead into the bottles.


That is it! Break out your bottled mead as and when you want.